Mars Venus “Children are from Heaven” Workshop

  • Has your relationship with your children reached a new low?
  • Are your children afraid of you or are you afraid of them?
  • Are you embarrassed by your children’s behavior?
  • Are you starting to resent your children?
  • Are you frequently losing your temper with your children?
  • Do your children no longer show you the proper respect?

Now imagine for a moment, what it would be like if you and your children/child regained that loving, respectful relationship you once had? What would it look like? How would it feel to be proud of your child’s behavior in public once again? How happy would you be? To be the loving parent you once were and to have a child that listens and obeys your wishes…and honors the boundaries that you set for them. This doesn’t have to live only in your imagination. It can be your reality. You can have a deeper, more satisfying relationship with your children/child if you are willing to learn what it takes.

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For the First Time Ever!

Now, for the first time, our Mars Venus – “Children are from Heaven” workshops are available online. Based on John Gray Ph.D.’s brilliant, original, and effective system that he calls positive parenting, the “Children Are From Heaven” online video eWorkshop covers the different skills of positive parenting to help improve communication, increase cooperation, and motivate your children. “Children Are From Heaven” is a broad, but practical philosophy of parenting that works at any age.

What You Will Learn:

The 5 Skills of Positive Parenting

  • Update your parenting skills to raise happy, healthy and cooperative children and teens.
  • How to improve communication.
  • How to minimize resistance and inspire cooperation.
  • How to increase motivation.
  • How to assert your leadership.
  • How to maintain control.

The 5 Positive Messages to Give Your Child

  • How to encourage your child to develop their full potential.
  • How to use love based vs. fear based messages.
  • How to create strong-willed, confident and cooperative children rather than merely obedient and submissive children.
  • How to put the 5 positive messages into practice.


mars-venus-parenting-workbook-bonusNow you can not only listen to John Gray Ph.D., you can follow along in your own Children Are From Heaven Workbook/Study Guide for FREE! Actually participate along with the Videos and take your learning to an even higher level.

It is a fact that people will get more out of this eWorkshop when they are actively taking notes and actually doing the homework. So, we want you to have this incredible Workbook / Study Guide absolutely FREE! Just for purchasing this Video Workshop today!

Upon purchase, you will be taken to a download page where you will have instant acess to your purchase allowing you to take the course on your time frame, from the comfort of your home!


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