Mars Venus “Successful Relationships” Workshop

  • Is communication a serious problem in your relationship?
  • Is your relationship a source of stress, frustration and conflict?
  • Do you want to be more emotionally and physically connected?
  • Are you feeling increasingly hurt, distant and isolated?
  • Are anger and resentment wearing away at your bonds?

Now imagine for a moment, what it would be like if you and your partner were closer, more intimate, more loving. What would it look like? How would it feel to have a warm, loving and supportive relationship once again? To be in a relationship in which you feel heard, respected and nurtured. This doesn’t have to live only in your imagination. It can be your reality. You can have a deeper, more satisfying relationship if you are willing to learn what it takes.

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For the First Time Ever!

Now, for the first time, our Mars Venus – “The Secrets of Successful Relationships” eWorkshop is available online. This eWorkshop is based on the relationship strategies contained in Dr. John Gray’s book, “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”. Secrets of Successful Relationships Online Video eWorkshop will provide you with practical ideas and proven relationship strategies that can be immediately applied to your own situation. You’ll receive powerful strategies, tips, and the tools you’ll need to create great relationships.

What You Will Learn:

Improving your Relationship Through Better Communications

  • The different needs of men and women.
  • Understanding the different ways the sexes communicate.
  • How to improve your partners’ listening skills.
  • New communications skills that will improve your relationship.

How to Score Points with the Opposite Sex

  • A playful and fun way of looking at how we appreciate the opposite sex.
  • How to enjoy lasting romance and learn how to keep the magic alive by doing little things that make a big difference.

Mars Venus in the Bedroom: Creating the sex life you always wanted

  • How men and women relate to sex.
  • The impact of sex on men and women.
  • The secrets of real passion.
  • How to rekindle the passion.
  • How to please your partner


mars-venus-relationships-workbook-bonusNow you can not only listen to John Gray Ph.D., you can follow along in your own Secrets of Successful Relationships Workbook/Study Guide for FREE! Actually participate along with the Videos and take your learning to an even higher level.

It is a fact that people will get more out of this eWorkshop when they are actively taking notes and actually doing the homework. So, we want you to have this incredible Workbook / Study Guide absolutely FREE! Just for purchasing this Video Workshop today!

Upon purchase, you will be taken to a download page where you will have instant acess to your purchase allowing you to take the course on your time frame, from the comfort of your home!


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